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At AdviserPlus, our mission is to support HR delivery and improve business performance.

We enable HR leaders to make a greater impact within their organisations. We achieve this by aligning HR people expertise with technology, data and analytics. From benchmarking your organisational capacity to improving people management performance, each one of our solutions is designed to optimise the impact of the HR function.

Our Four Performance Pillars of HR

At AdviserPlus, we believe that optimising the Four Performance Pillars of HR will enable your HR function to succeed in driving change.


The profile of your people
Your people are only your organisation’s greatest asset if they deliver through an optimal structure, a conducive cultural climate and a healthy diversity of background and skills.

HR Operating Model

The way you operate as an HR function
Your HR Team’s effectiveness in driving business performance is largely defined by your operating model, from implementation and service delivery through to strategic intent.

Confidence and Stability

The people risk in your business
Your identification and transparency of people risk factors in your business is essential to their effective management, leading to enhanced delivery through people.

Capability and Performance

The organisational capability and performance
Your people management framework, from engagement and wellbeing through to absence and performance management, defines the effectiveness of your people delivery.

Benchmarking and Consultancy

We transform data into actionable improvement plans for your business. This means taking the time to:

  • Derive business insight through our analytical expertise.
  • Make your people data work for you.
  • Benchmark your HR capability against industry best practice.
  • Compare performance between different areas of your business.
  • Draw upon success stories delivered across our diverse client portfolio.
  • Identify data gaps that lead to business performance blind spots.

Transform Your Understanding In 60 Minutes

Getting started couldn’t be easier: in just 60 minutes we can start to take a view of the effectiveness of your HR model.

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    Make contact

    Arrange a time for a free 60-minute consultation with one of our specialist HR Consultants.

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    60-minute consultation

    Speak with one of our specialist HR Consultants who will seek to understand the HR landscape in your business, with reference to our Four Performance Pillars of HR.

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    Follow-up report

    Within one working day of your consultation, you will receive a report on how you benchmark against our Four Performance Pillars of HR.

What's Next?

Following your free benchmarking report, we offer a comprehensive 10-day consultancy package.

This package is tailored to your business (including the results from your report), and will include a full scoping of your HR data, policies and business landscape, comparative analytics on which we base our assessment and final outputs with recommendations on business improvements and cost efficiencies.

You can arrange this package directly with our consultant.

Arrange a 60-Minute Introductory Consultation

One of our HR technical experts will benchmark your HR function against our Four Performance Pillars of HR. As an output, you will receive an audit report which assesses the optimisation of your HR function and your people data to support business performance effectively.

Return on Investment

We act in partnership with HR functions, inputting our unique combination of expertise, technology and insight to reduce business cost, mitigate business risk and increase business capability and effectiveness.

Request your Introductory Benchmark

If you are interested in finding out how you benchmark against the Four Performance Pillars of HR, simply provide your details below and we’ll be in touch.

We will only contact you for the purposes of this benchmarking consultancy. However, if you’d like to sign-up to AdviserPlus insights, resources and exclusive details of upcoming events you can sign-up here.